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The RISE Method 

Research Informed Sensory and Social Enrichment 

Neurodiversity Affirming

 Validating and affirming in the varying neurodivergent experiences.  Interventions are rooted in acceptance, anti-abelist ideals and promotion of self advocacy for our students.

Communication Focused

Inclusive of all communication modes and modalities, accepting of all communicative attempts, and providing opportunities for further expansion and growth.

Sensory Driven

Research informed interventions and individualized considerations for optimal sensory input and improved neurological functioning. All sensory systems considered and holistically supported.

Family Centered

Committed to consistent and transparent communication between therapists, families and their students. Curation of a safe harbor where families can join a community of likeminded individuals who acknowledge and accept diversity across abilities, race, socioecomic status, religious beliefs, gender expression and sexual orientation.

Social Emotional Nurturing

Encouragement of social emotional wellness through structured exposure to activities requiring problem solving and frustration tolerance, bringing awareness to ones own feelings and the feelings of those around you, developing interoception and executive functioning skills for early identification of big feelings as well as coping strategies, accommodations and supports available. 

Trauma Informed

Comprehensive approach to care grounded in the understanding of widespread implications of trauma for generations at both a clinical and organizational level.  Our services and business practices are built on transparency and trust, empowerment, collaboration, humility, peer support and provision of a safe and all inclusive environment.

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