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Welcome to

RISE Harbor

 where science meets soul


Social Groups

Neurodiversity affirming social groups hosted in the community and at select schools.

Coming Fall 2024

Family Counseling

RISE Harbor is proud to partner with Healings Edge Therapy for family counseling referrals.

In-home Sessions

Occupational therapy sessions offered in your home to establish skill carry over in the natural environment. Currently available in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.


We currently offer occupational therapy evaluations based on clinical observation and family reporting. Formal handwriting evaluations include completion of a standardized assessment as well. 

Our Approach

 At RISE Harbor, we understand the importance of family well-being and its direct impact on pediatric success. Founded by a licensed and registered occupational therapist, our focus is supporting the child's participation in daily life by educating and empowering families, meeting varied sensory needs, offering neurodiversity-affirming care and building a support network for parents and caregivers.

What Parents Think

“These groups have provided a space for our children to develop friendships but also for us to develop relationships as parents too!"

Ramesses' Family

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